Messages On Hold Recording

Messages On Hold Recording

What exactly are Messages On Hold recording by Media Group -

Messages On-hold recordings service that is played to a caller while they wait for a connection to be established or restored with someone on the other end of the line. Message On hold recording service by Media Group to their initial goal was to break up the on-hold quiet and ensure the customer that an effort was being made to reconnect them to their objective. While this is still an important role of on-hold messaging, other benefits have been recognized, elevating it from a nice touch to an essential aspect of the customer experience. Message On Hold Recording services are frequently a combination of music and voice, and if done effectively, they may provide significant value to your organization. There is enough statistical data to show that businesses that do not employ on-hold messaging not only are missing out but may be damaging their business.


Our Message On Hold Recording Services covers the following features:

  1. Evolved Sound - Blue Arrow Icon
  2. Message Programming
  3. Evolved Sound - Blue Arrow Icon
  4. Voices are chosen from among our talented and experienced Voice Artists.
  5. Evolved Sound - Blue Arrow Icon
  6. Music from our large music library is chosen.
  7. To broadcast standards, digital recording, mixing, and mastering are performed.


We may then deliver your completed message on hold recording in a specialized digital format or put it into one of our Digital On-Hold Systems to meet your specific requirements. We can also create voice-over IP (VoIP) ready messages for on-hold use. Media Group company services to evolve Sound's custom generated on-hold music and messages are free, so your company will not have to pay any further costs to the PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia) or APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association). This leads to large annual savings, especially when numerous lines are present. Please keep in mind that the same regulations apply to the voice over IP (VoIP) messages on hold playback.

Customers who must place a call to a business do not like to be placed on wait, but if your company must do so, make the process as pleasant and effective as possible. Message on Hold recording service to encourage the caller to stay on the line since an agent would call them back soon, while also assuring the customer is calm and reassured that their call is cherished and valuable to that firm.

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