Music And Message On Hold

Music And Message On Hold

Hold on to your calls

It seems business houses have finally learnt the importance of variety when placing callers On Hold during busy times.

They have discovered the most successful programmes feature a Music And Message On Hold formula that provides flexibility and endless adaptability.

The end game with any telephone On Hold is to reduce the number of callers who hang-up. It’s no easy task but the return on investment is well worth it.

If you are new to the world of creating On Hold programmes you need to know the ideal variety is to have a combination of information and entertainment.

The information should be about the company’s products and services. You can reinforce the product features and service advantages. Plus remember your callers will be interested in finding out about what’s new.

They’ll feel a sense of loyalty to the business as they experience your commitment to keeping them informed. They’ll know they’re in the loop.

They’ll stay on the line because they believe in your dedication to customer satisfaction.


Time passes easily

The Music And Message On Hold style of the program has been proven to help suspend the concept of time passing.

Callers placed On Hold who get involved in the brief messages also enjoy the musical interludes.

Compare the times you have called a company and been placed On Hold. The fact that you sometimes get to hear a properly produced On Hold program will have left a favourable impression.


Don’t leave ‘em dangling

However, if you’ve been left dangling at the end of the line not really knowing what is happening you’re opinion of the company will quickly deteriorate.

There may be no On Hold, only deadly silence. Not a good way to impress your customers!

Or you might find yourself subjected to those inane computer-generated chimes. I have it on good authority that the Taliban are known to exploit such situations and regularly offer to shoot those responsible for inflicting such mental anguish on unsuspecting callers.


Get a freebie and see

The very least thing you can do for your callers is to have a professional On Hold program of music and messages written and produced by an expert supplier like Media Group the business audio specialists.

Take a no risk approach by contacting Media Group and have them prepare a free on hold message especially for your company. Too easy.

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