On Hold Announcements

On Hold Announcements



On-hold messages are a perfect opportunity for you to promote your business, products, services and company. When your callers are on-hold don’t give them a silent treatment, instead, try incorporating meaningful and relevant on-hold messages. Trust us! These messages will be fruitful for your business in the long run. 

So, let’s delve deeper into the world of on hold announcements.


How can you play with On Hold Messages? 

Well, honestly speaking on hold announcements is one of a kind opportunity for you to promote your offerings. You can convey a lot of information to your callers through such messages. For example: 

  • You can provide generic tips to your callers through such messages that might be of help to them.
  • Tell your callers about the latest offers and launches through such messages.
  • You can also tell your callers about the latest developments in your organization through your on-hold messages.
  • Waiting time on calls is also a great opportunity to make sales. You can cross-sell your products through such messages. You never know how many customers you might convert! 


A powerful script will make an impact on your callers: 

You need to have a powerful script to keep your callers engaged and interested in your offerings. A great script will reduce the call drop rate, as well as people, will stay on the line to listen to the entire script. Content is the king; always remember this! 


Greet Your Customers well:

  • Ensure that you greet your customers well through such messages. Hence, create an on-hold message that has a professional tone.
  • Also, please focus on making your customers feel appreciated and important. This will increase their satisfaction level.
  • You can also re-direct your callers to the right place with an easy-to-navigate menu system. You can give instructions to your callers through on hold announcements that will make things easier for them. 

To gain customer trust, you need to provide your customers with a positive experience that will be helpful for them in the long run. A happy customer will always spread positive word-of-mouth about your business.

Though you can incorporate on hold announcements but ensure that the waiting queues shouldn’t be too long. The waiting time should not be more than five minutes or else your callers will surely disconnect and leave; probably never return! 

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