On Hold Voice Recording

On Hold Voice Recording

Your company’s telephone system might be helping you lose customers!  Now isn’t that a frightening thought. After all you probably invested a considerable sum in the system, especially if you have a VOIP phone. That’s voice over internet protocol. 

The problem usually happens because of your On Hold Voice Recording. Too often this feature is poorly produced and sounds like an after-thought. Callers may even be forced to listen to the droning of a well-meaning but untrained voice talent. It might be someone from sales and they may speak well, but they generally are not in the same league as a professional.


A job for expert writers and professional voice talent.

Your On Hold Voice Recording is your company’s “frontline”. Quite often this the first contact point callers have either as a first timer or a repeat customer. Like all first impressions it is going to last so you need to get it right.


Here you have a captive audience with an interest in what your company does and more importantly what you can do for them.

The recording should communicate facts like your opening hours, location, details of parking and public transport. But remember the prime aim of an on hold program is to keep the caller on the line. You don’t want them putting down the phone and calling a competitor.


The key is to inform and entertain

It all starts with a carefully crafted script. For that you need an experienced copywriter. One who can interpret your brief to choose the most relevant information about your products and services and present this in a series of short messages. 

Then you need a professional voice artist to read the script. This can be either a male voice over artist or a female. Or you might use a mix of both genders to suit the various messages.

Under the messages and for a few seconds in between messages you need music playing. Nothing to heavy or laden with risqué lyrics, but music that will appeal to your customer profile.

Media Group, the business audio specialists, are very experienced in creating dynamic on hold programs that have proven effective in reducing callers hanging up.

With a team of experienced writers, a line-up of professional male and female voice talent and state of the art digital recording facilities Media Group will have your on hold program keeping callers happy to stay on the line. 

Start with a free sample on hold message; go to www.mediagroup.com.au

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