Onhold System

Onhold System

Drain the swamp

How long is it since you rang your own company phone number and asked to be put on hold? It’s probably something you should do on a regular basis.   

You might find there are messages running on your Onhold System that predate the birth of Christ. OK that is a little bit of an exaggeration. But more than likely you’ll hear about the “new product” launch that happened pre-Covid.

Or you might just hear deadly silence. That’s no way to discover the Onhold isn’t working, but sometimes it happens.

It could be worse. Your Onhold System might be running the default program it arrived with…those beastly chimes or that computer generated Mozart ditty. Yuk.

No need to beat yourself up. It happens. Especially when times are extra busy. Of course the sh-one-t only hits the fan at those times.


Get motivated

Remember what the motivational gurus from the States say; “when you’re up to your arse in alligators it’s hard to remember your initial aim was to drain the swamp.”

Now back to listening to your own telephone Onhold. If it turns out to be an embarrassment or if just doesn’t exist, the news is all good.

Media Group, the business audio specialists will fix everything. To begin you’ll get free of charge, a sample On Hold Message with music and all the bells and whistles.

It’s free, but that doesn’t mean it’s an off the shelf, one size fits all Onhold message. Yours will be a bespoke sample message that’s been written and produced for you and you alone.

Your free Onhold recording will demonstrate the first-rate quality you can expect from Media Sound. It will feature a professional voice artist selected from the wide range of male and female voice artists.

The music track will be from the huge Media Group library of Royalty Free Music. And the recording will be produced in a state of the art studio under the direction of an experienced engineer/producer.

Your free Onhold message will arrive online. You can listen to it over and over. Share it with your colleagues.

When you’re happy with what you hear, get your act together and have Media Group prepare a full program of Onhold Music and Messages.  

Dry your boots, say see you later alligator and get your telephone Onhold underway here www.mediagroup.com.au

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