Radio Voice Over Artists

Radio Voice Over Artists

Radio continues to shine

Despite the competition for precious advertising dollars radio revenues rose again in 2018. According to data compiled by Deloitte and made available through the industry organization Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) revenues rose by 3.4% across the nation with the city of Melbourne leading the way.

Reflected in this rising popularity there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for Radio Voice Over Artists.

Ben Harrison, co-founder and company director at Media Group said recently “there appears to be the only upside in the world of radio”. Ben should know as Media Group, the audio business specialists, lead the way in the supply of voice artists to advertisers throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific and beyond


The choice of voices is also on the up

There was a time not too far back in history where hunting down the right voice over talent could be a major undertaking. Producers at Advertising Agencies, radio and TV stations and independent film companies were forced to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to locate the right voice for their projects.

How times have changed! And changed for the better for both those looking to hire a particular voice and the professional voice actors associated with Media Group. 

Today a producer has only to visit the Media Group website to begin auditioning the multitude of professional voices on the company books.


What kind radio voice are you looking to find

Media Group offers a tremendous range of professional Radio Voice Over Artists. There are males and females of all ages from under 16’s to seasoned seniors. There are voices you may already be familiar with. Plus there are many more you could be hearing for the first time.

You can carry out your search from the comfort of your office. Start at the Media Group home page and click on the heading labelled “Voice Overs”.

Select the gender and choose to listen to samples from radio, TV, corporate or telephone message recordings. You can further refine your search by age group and the brief descriptions given alongside the numbered artist.

When you’ve chosen a voice or voices you can arrange an online quote and if you plan to record a script or scripts greater than 60 seconds long you can request Media Group to supply a FREE DEMO.

Find out more by going to 

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