Royalty Free On Hold Music

Royalty Free On Hold Music

Free does not mean second best

What comes to mind when you see a website promoting music via a subscription service described as “free”? You have to sign-up and pay so where’s the free bit?

I tend to agree with Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross when they sing “The Best Things in Life are Free”.

Even the legendary Beatles would go along with idea. They did however confess to preferring cash, dosh, or filthy lucre in their song “Money”.

Surely music has to be among life’s best things. Right?

So when I first heard the phrase Royalty Free On Hold Music I was doubtful of the legality of such a product. It was a doubt I harboured despite having seen the provocative phrase associated with Media Group, the business audio specialists.

I put my apprehension down to the fact that not only am I a former member of the London based PRS (Performing Rights Society) but I was also a foundation member of COMPASS (Composers and Authors Society of Singapore).

So I am always adamant about muso’s getting their dues.

Those two esteemed organisations acted as collection agencies for their respective members - primarily composers, authors, music producers and publishers.

These days in Australia and New Zealand APRA/AMCOS fulfils that role.

The reality of life is that no single member has the capacity to check where their music is being played or performed. They need the services of a not-for-profit organisation to collect payment for the use of their intellectual property. In this case, music.


Everybody wins

On further enquiry I discovered the Royalty Free On Hold Music from Media Group is a 100% legal alternative to ripping-off the music fraternity.

In fact it’s the opposite. The music selection from the Media Group library of Royalty Free Music is responsible for generating more income opportunities for hard working “musos”.

All the fees and recording costs have been paid “at source”. Hence there is no more money to pay for ongoing usage.

Better still, a company of any size is not legally bound to pay annual fees to APRA/AMCOS for using that Royalty Free music at a place of business.

If that sounds too good to be true, be assured it is true. Royalty Free music is just the beginning of the benefits you’ll enjoy getting all your business audio requirements here at

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