Voice Over Marketplace For Actors

Voice Over Marketplace For Actors

The voices are revolting

The digital age has ushered in a revolution in the Voice Over business. Advertising agencies, established recording studios and broadcast media once dominated the sector.

What was once the secret club of the acting profession is now open slather for anyone with a microphone, a laptop and a quiet place to record.

The Voice Over Marketplace For Actors is a booming business. In fact, in the USA it generates over $15 billion dollars annually.


Getting in on the act

Voice talent is in demand everywhere. Traditionally it was TV, Radio and company promos offering the work to aspiring voices. But the proliferation of digital entertainment and in particular the Internet has led to endless opportunities for both the established and new “virgin voices”.

This is all wonderful news for voice actors. It also provides an easily accessible and myriad choice of voices for advertisers and film/video production houses.

With so many new players operating in the Voice Over Marketplace for Actors the challenge is to cut through the clutter and identify the most effective operators in your marketplace.


Running with the leaders

The vast number of “new kids on the block” vying for a share of the boom can make it difficult to single out the best. They all appear the same on a Web page listing.

In Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific and beyond to Europe and the USA the name Media Group looms large over the “also-rans”. 

Media Group are business audio specialists. That means audio is the one thing, the core activity of the business. It’s everything, so there’s no room for complacency.  

When you begin your search for a particular voice doesn’t gamble on a maybe. Head straight to the experts at Media Group.


Begin your auditions right now. Online!

Listen to real samples of the professional Voice Over Actors from Media Group. To make your search more efficient you’ll find all the voices are classified by gender, age, style, and country. 

Along with each voice sample, you’ll also see a short description of the typical characteristics of each voice. It might say “Fresh, Retail, Bright” or “Mature, Refined, Corporate” and so on.

When you identify the voice you’re seeking, send for an online free quote by clicking on the button at the top of the home page.

It’s simple, fast and foolproof. To find out head to www.mediagroup.com.au

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