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Babel power

In the Biblical tale of the Tower of Babel we read that in order to avoid a second great flood mankind had undertaken the building of a tower.

To His dismay the Big Kahuna (aka God) was concerned that mankind had blasphemed in building the tower. The measly mignons had colluded to override His almighty wishes. 

Aiming to prevent any similar rebellious activities He set in place the most effective method in the dictator’s handbook. I refer of course to the old favourite “divide and conquer” technique.

Reports in the book of Genesis reveal that with a simple magic gesture He brought into existence multiple languages. From that point, humans were divided into various linguistic groups, unable to understand one another.


A destructive legacy

While the divisive strategy may have worked well in quelling challenges to the single deity philosophy, it has proven to be a total disaster in global communications.

Take the business of advertising where Voice Talent International language difficulties are a constant challenge.

Language not only unites nations it simultaneously divides markets. Diversity means extra production costs and the needless waste of precious resources.

Radio and TV commercials have to be re-recorded to accommodate different languages. In some instances, for example throughout China, further refinements have to be introduced to cater for regional dialects.


Enter salvation

In an answer to any global linguistic barriers Media Group, the business audio specialists provide a wide choice of Voice Talent International solutions. 

If you are promoting a service or product in any market, anywhere around the world Media Group can provide the voice over artists you will need.

Along with the right choice of voice you get access to accurate translation services.

Media Group will facilitate script translations from English to any modern language. Conversely you can have your existing foreign language script recorded in English.


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