Voiceover Artists

Voiceover Artists

Don’t run ragged looking for that special voice talent

Next time you need a professional voice for a radio ad, TV commercial, a corporate video, or an internet project you need only to contact one place. Media Group, the business audio specialists.

Even if you are preparing a training film or eLearning program, you’ll find that a truly professional Voice Over Artist will add real impact and enhance the overall production quality of your project.


Choose from a great range of professional voice artists

Media Group has a most diverse line-up of male and female voices. They cover all age groups from wild young rebels to seniors and everyday adult types too.

Whether you are looking for a regular “announcer” type of voice. Or perhaps something a little out of left field, you can be sure of finding it.

To make finding your preferred Voice Over Artist as easy as possible Media Group have uploaded an endless number of samples and grouped them by gender, age, style, and country (language).

To start auditioning for the type of voice you have in mind go to the Media Group website and click away. No need to leave the office, do everything online.


When you think you’ve found your voice ask for a free quote

On the Media Group website you’ll see a button at the top of the page labeled “free online quote”. Click on that and follow the prompts.

Your quote will be with you in record time. So you’ll know straight away if you are within budget plus you can make sure your chosen talent is available to meet your production schedule. Told you this was easy!

What if you still have some doubts about the voice over talent’s ability to deliver exactly what you require in the read? Then make a request for a “free demo”

The only provision is you must be going to record a script or number of scripts with a minimum running time of 60 seconds.

To receive your free demo, email a copy of your script and Media Group will have your preferred voice talent record an extract from the script. When the demo is complete you will receive a link to go on line and review the recording.

Finding the right voice has never been simpler to achieve.

Get started now at www.mediagroup.com.au  

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