Hold Music For Business

Hold Music For Business

Should your business rock or swing?

The style of music playing on your telephone helps to establish an image of your business in the minds of your callers. So you should be sure you are sending out the right signals.

As a modern retailer, you wouldn’t want to sound like you’re stuck in the last century. Or as a medical practitioner, you don’t want to project an image of a happy go lucky enterprise. Hold Music For Business needs to be chosen with careful consideration.


Copyright considerations

There was a time when a radio or cassette deck playing music at your place of business could be wired into the telephone system. Try that now and you will be breaking the law.

Just as if you had music blaring away throughout the shop or office the use of Hold Music For Business needs to be licensed and annual fees must be paid to national collection agencies like APRA and PPCA.


Avoiding the law and the fees

The alternative to breaking the law or being slugged with ever-increasing annual fees is to use Royalty Free Music for your telephone on hold program.

Media Group, the business audio specialists have one of the largest libraries of Royalty Free Music and will work with you to prepare playlists and on hold presentations that will help promote the image you desire for your business.


Audition Royalty Free Music On Line

The wide variety of tracks available from the Media Group libraries covers all genres of music including rock, pop, jazz, country, classical and more.

To get an idea of what music you could be using at your place of business go online to the Media Group website. Click on the heading “samples” at the top of the page and select music.

Under the heading “Categories” you can select samples of the various tracks available. You won’t believe the variety. You will soon realise you need the expert assistance of the musicologists from Media Group to narrow the choice.


Music and messages for your telephone on hold

Media Group will steer you in the right direction with your music plus write and produce messages to create a complete On Hold Program aimed at reducing the number of callers hanging up.

Time to get your telephone On Hold Music and Messages in order. Start now at www.mediagroup.com.au

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