Free Hold Music

Free Hold Music

Spin a tidy profit

I was always taught that in business cost control is paramount to profit. While I found the teaching to be excellent advice, it seemed to stress a negative approach.

I much preferred the positivity in the adage a penny saved is a penny earned.

In loss accounting terms a saved penny is an obvious way to dodge the taxman. It’s a legal method to impact your bottom line profit. Technically each penny earned via savings is worth 30% more.

So installing Royalty Free Hold Music on your business telephone system is a no brainer.

For a start you will not be liable to pay the required annual fees to PPCA. That’s the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited.

Just like Celine Dion those fees go on and on…ad infinitum.


A Library of Royalty Free Music

Media Group, the business audio specialists, have an extensive range of music in their Royalty Free Music library.

Ideal for the telephone their Free Hold Music covers all popular genres with new material added constantly.


A win, win

By covering all publishing and performance costs during production the Media Group library actively supports the goals of PPCA as it “enables businesses to thrive by playing a repertoire of quality music”.

It also helps “safeguard the rights of thousands of Australian recording artists and labels, ensuring that they receive a fair return for their music”.

Media Group come to the party with affordable answers on how to improve your company telephone on hold program.

They bring expert direction in choosing the best male or female professional voice over talent and help with picking the music.

You always have final say. You get to select the tracks you think will most appeal to your callers and clients.

When combined with well written messages about the company’s products and services you do more than encourage callers to stay on hold. 


You’re now in entertainment

As research has proven again and again a well-produced phone On Hold Program has the power to suspend time or at least seem to slow the passage of time.

Callers become oblivious to time passing. They are patient and stay on the line instead of hanging up and going elsewhere in a huff!

There’s no reason you can’t start now to improve the company’s telephone audio.

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