Free On Hold Music For Business

Free On Hold Music For Business

Free gets the gong

Since the beginning of time, three words have proven to be most effective for the advertising copywriter. Those words are new, sale, and free.

If I was having a bet I’d say the word “free” is the most effective. All three words are capable of grabbing attention and all three promise or imply reward.

However, the word “free” has the added appeal of the universal dream; that of getting something for nothing.


Free does happen

It’s no myth. Here is an example. Let’s assume you’re responsible to organise the new On Hold program for the business phone system.

The budget isn’t huge but you know the days of Free On Hold Music For Business have long passed. Those days went with the cassette deck. (ask mum)

There was a time when it was common to connect the radio or cd player to the telephone so when callers got placed On Hold they could hear some music.

Of course, that practice is not only illegal it was always exposing callers to any bad news on the radio and risqué lyrics in the music selection.

The business had no control over what their callers were hearing when placed on hold.  

It’s risky working the dark side of Free On Hold Music For Business.


Fee Free at last

The logical choice is to do abide by the laws of copyright but to minimise all outlay. 

At least you can avoid the annual fees. These are the fees imposed by collection agencies operating on behalf of the musicians and publishers who own the intellectual property; the music.

In Australia and New Zealand, the fees apply to any business playing music anywhere throughout their operations. This includes telephone audio.

To qualify for the fee exemption the music tracks used in your on hold programme should be chosen from a library of Royalty Free Music like the one at Media Group, the business audio specialists.

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