Music Onhold

Music Onhold

Music and Messages “it’s all in the mix”

Don’t get funky about the tunes Dude. All I’m saying is, a lot of people waiting on a phone line don’t want wall to wall music. They like information too. Some want directions. How to get there? Where to park? The closest bus stop? What specials are being advertised this week?

When a caller is asked to stay on the line, they should be entertained with a mix of Music Onhold and brief informative messages.  Achieving the right balance between these two elements is the trick to reducing callers hanging up.


You need a licence to have most music playing

You can’t just play any old track for your Music Onhold. There was a time when you could take any music source like a radio or CD player and play that over your business telephone system.

Today every commercial premises has to have a licence to play music. It’s the law. The annual fees for the licence will depend on the nature and size of the business.

However with Media Group, the business audio specialists you can access their library of Royalty Free Music so your Music Onhold will not attract any annual licence fees.


Royalty Free Music sets you free

Imagine a range of music that encompasses all the most popular styles, is not encumbered by annual fees and is available as your Music Onhold. This is Royalty Free Music from the extensive libraries available through Media Group.

There’s something for all tastes. The genres covered include modern, pop, rock, dance, country, classical and jazz.

You can select a track to use as Music Onhold and then extend the use to your internet site or backing a radio commercial. The track can become your signature music and be associated with your brand at POS or Trade Shows and events.


Take your telephone on hold to a higher level

Along with the Music Onhold playing on your business phone you need a series of succinct, informative messages. Remember you are talking to a captive audience.

These are people interested in your products and services. So if you are planning a new product release, tell them. Have a specific message written and recorded to include with your onhold program.

In addition to extensive libraries of Royalty Free Music, Media Group have a team of experienced writers and producers working at their Gold Coast studios.  

Media Group will create the scripts for your approval and provide you with a choice of professional male and female voice artists to record your onhold messages.

They will update your onhold program as required and do everything online. You will have a perfect mix of music and messages that will be always current and sure to keep callers on the line.

If this sounds like music to your ears, go to

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