Hold on messaging script

Hold on messaging script

The primary objective of your hold on messaging script is to convey information that will assist individuals interested in using your services, purchasing your products, or visiting your shop, store, or showroom.

Some script ideas for on-hold messages:



[On Hold Messaging Direct] is a market leader in the provision of [telephone messages, including interactive voice response (IVR), music-on-hold, and marketing messages].


2. The Location and Time

If you have an actual store or showroom, include information about it.


3. Concerning the items

Inform callers about your items; be informative without being overly salesy. Individuals disconnect if they believe they are receiving a hard sell while on hold.


4. Assured

Do your products come with a warranty? Can they test them? Do you have a team of professionals on hand?


5. Assist them in identifying

Informing callers of your affiliations or the types of people with whom you work will assist them in identifying and comprehending that they will be speaking with individuals who can help them.


6. Social Evidence

Have you amassed a large number of positive reviews or social media followers? Utilize this data to your advantage and inform your callers.


7. Teach them a lesson

Utilize any small details that will keep your callers engaged and teach them something new in the process. Ascertain that it is pertinent to your sector and avoid being overly salesy.


8. Sustaining Options

Inform them about your available support channels. You may have all of the necessary information and assistance on your website, but the caller is unaware.


9. Limited-Time Offers

If you want to keep consumers informed about special discounts and events while they wait, you may utilize several stock approaches.


10. Certificates / Awards

Have you received any industry recognition? Inform your callers.


11. Express gratitude to them

Thanking individuals for their time is a customary politeness, but do not go overboard. Intersperse these with messages about your organization and services, as demonstrated in the samples above.

Your on-hold messages provide an opportunity to engage with your callers, and I hope that these examples of on-hold messaging have provided you with some ideas and inspiration for crafting your on-hold script.

You can use these on-hold message examples to help you create your own on-hold script. Investment in customized on-hold messages and voice-over welcomes is critical for successful businesses since they can address the very particular needs of a caller and the operations of various groups or departments. The media group maintains the highest level of control over message services.

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