Music Onhold System

Music Onhold System

Avoid phone hang ups.

Sometimes when you call a company the telephone seems to ring and ring. After a long time all you hear is a long beep or the sound of silence.

The size of the company is immaterial. But that lengthy rude beep or worse, the deafening silence presents an affront to any caller. Bad enough if it’s an established client but disastrous to a potentially new customer.

Surely the impact of a global pandemic accompanied by an online revolution to work from home should prompt companies to upgrade to a better Music Onhold System.

Preferably your Onhold program will also include professionally recorded messages to entertain and enlighten callers. These can be carefully targeted messages designed to tie-in with current marketing plans.

If your trading hours change your messages can inform customers of the new opening times. This is essential if you are in an area subject to seasonal fiddling related to government edicts on the amount of daylight Mother Nature provides. Daylight saving!


An easy fix

If these words are ringing true (pun intended) regarding your Music Onhold System
the solution is simple. Contact Media Group, the business audio specialists.

You may have been using a DIY version for your telephone Onhold. Probably something that you recorded in a rush. Or maybe it’s the ghastly chimes that came pre-loaded on the phone. 

If you have never had a professional Onhold program of messages and music you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Not just you, but all your customers will be impressed too. They’ll appreciate the care you take to present your business in the best way.


Do it all online

With Media Group you get to choose the male or female voice talent you think will sound right as well as projecting the desired image of your business. Simply go online and listen to sample recordings of the available professional voice over talent.

When you make the choice of voice talent, ask for a free online quote.

You can also specify the music to go with the voice. Your selection will come from a library of Royalty Free Music. That way you won’t be liable to pay any annual fees to APRA/AMCOS the official collection agencies representing musicians/publishers.

It’s time you began fully exploiting your phone’s potential. Do it here.

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