On hold messaging companies

On hold messaging companies

On-hold messaging is a service that businesses and organisations of all sizes use to communicate with callers waiting on hold or being transferred. [1] On-hold messaging, alternatively referred to as audio marketing, is a specialised field of marketing and branding. It aims to convey a business's personality through audio.

According to AT&T research, more than 70% of business phone conversations in the United States are held for an average of 45 to 60 seconds. Meanwhile, according to a USA Today research, executives spend an average of 15 minutes per day or 68 hours per year on hold. [2] According to a CNN survey, 70% of callers in the United States who are silent on the line hang up within 60 seconds.

In November 2011, an omnibus poll of over 2,000 UK consumers revealed some critical statistics about current company communications, particularly on-hold messaging.

70% of consumers are placed on hold for more than half of their calls; 68 per cent of consumers are placed on wait for an extended period; While on hold, 73% of consumers want to hear something other than beeps or silence; 72% of personal calls to enterprises are made via a landline at home; While on hold, 60% of consumers are seated in front of a computer.

Many people's primary communication with your company will be on the other end of the phone!

And the likelihood is statistically more significant than even that they will be placed on hold shortly. That is when "telephone roulette" begins.

And the question arises, will the caller still be there when the phone is answered, or will 'dead air', obnoxious music, or dull messages drown out any conversation or business that may have taken place. Too frequently, your caller will disconnect, flee the scene, or hang up, leaving you with a monthly 1telephone cost but no sale.

The Advantages of "On-Hold Messaging" Services

1. Top-of-the-line equipment.

2. Business-related messages are conveyed professionally.

3. Adaptable message plans for new content.

4. There will be no contracts or long-term commitments.

5. Simple to install and use.

Fortunately, many organisations can record and supply the messages you require, both for optimising client engagement and projecting the professionalism you desire.

After all, a customer phoning your organisation is often frustrated by a technical issue or complaint. Any on-hold messaging company should emphasise that the call is critical and express the sentiment as honestly as possible. Additionally, on-hold messages can be customised to promote up-selling marketing activity. Media Group is a market leader in providing high-quality audio productions for use in message on-hold applications.

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