On Hold Voice Over

On Hold Voice Over

Keeping it up

There has never been a more critical time to get your telephone audio into shape. With a global pandemic raging the last thing any caller needs is to be frustrated by a second-rate telephone on hold program. 

How’s yours? Is the On Hold Voice Over well below par? Maybe it’s the same old same old you’ve been running “forever”. You know the recording you hurriedly put down the first week you opened up for business. 

Or worse perhaps your callers are subject to hearing the default On Hold that arrived with the switchboard all those years ago. 

If that’s the case you are only one step ahead of the guys who are using the dreaded silence on the line when they switch someone to on hold. 

So to put it bluntly you’re not keeping pace. Or at least your program isn’t! 


Extract the digit

Today if you are not at least keeping up you are falling way behind.

True, the pandemic is a pain in the backside. A real bottom line disaster. But that doesn’t mean you have to bury your business brain in the same place. 

There’s no point letting panic-stricken politicians and over-stressed public servants decide whether your business has a future. 

When customers call they expect competency from your organisation. They don’t expect to wind up listening to your On Hold Voice Over telling them out-of-date information. 

Everybody knows we are operating under circumstances that affect opening hours, trading conditions as well restrictions to normal supply and delivery. 

And we also know the rules imposed on businesses a likely to change around 11 am daily when the government spokespersons front the Media.

So how can you avoid getting caught with your pants down?   


Always up to date

Media Group, the business audio specialists will ensure your telephone onhold messages are always up to date. That way your valued clients are not subject to a barrage of misinformation. 

You can do everything on line like choosing the voice over guy or gal, selecting the background music and approving the script updates.

Your callers will be impressed with the quality and the accuracy of your telephone On Hold program. 

Start by getting your own bespoke free on hold message and check it out. On Hold programs don’t come any better. You’ve got nothing to lose…’cause it’s free! www.mediagroup.com.au

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