Onhold Productions

Onhold Productions

Producing perfection

Watching an elite athlete one can’t help but admire the fluid precision of their movements. No accident but the result of hard work and dedication to achieving perfection in their chosen field.

In the business world we can all recognise the “winners”. We can predict the success of new and emerging talent as well as picking IPOs that are more likely to succeed.

Why then do most organisations seem totally inept at identifying Onhold Productions that will exceed all expectations in the primary role required of telephone Onhold?  

Remember the first goal of any Onhold recording is to help cut down the number of callers who when presented with a request to stay on the line simply cut and run.

You can almost feel the caller’s frustration in the abrupt manner used to disconnect the call. The problem is, after they hang-up on you, they are likely to immediately call one of your competitors.

Just like the athlete, to get into the winners circle your Onhold Productions need to be as perfect as possible.


Balance is key

This means getting the balance right between entertainment and involvement without alienating any caller or particular group.

For a start you need to include messages that go beyond the ordinary. That means you need scripts that are well crafted and informative. The people who call you are interested in your products and services. If there’s something new tell them about it.

Your Onhold Productions have to sound impeccable. So using professional voice talent is a must. Not only will the voice add a level of precision to the recording but it will help you present the quality image you wish to project for the business.


Music for free

Finally you’ll need to incorporate some appropriate music to be used throughout your Onhold program. It should be music of a genre that will appeal to your audience.

The music needs to be free…not just free to use but more importantly free of risqué lyrics or offending content. It’s hard to go past a quality instrumental track.

These are the elements you can expect when you have your Onhold program written, voiced and produced by Media Group, the business audio experts.

To begin you will get a free online sample On Hold Message. Hear the difference, then be sure, you off on the right track. Ready. Set. Go.


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