Top Voice Over Agency

Top Voice Over Agency

Choosing a voice artist the easy way

Forget all the running around and the frustrating, time-wasting process of choosing a new voice.

You probably already know what qualities you want in a voice that you believe will present the business in the way you prefer.

For example, you may have already decided whether the voice you prefer is a male or female, young or mature, with an identifiable accent or a completely neutral tone.

The only move you need to make is to contact Media Group, regarded internationally as a Top Voice Over Agency.

A myriad choice of voices just a mouse click away

Media Group has assembled a catalogue of professional voice talent and uploaded real recordings of their work so you can easily do your auditions online anytime.

To further facilitate your search, all the recorded samples are classified by gender, age, country and style. Plus each voice over artist will have more than one sample for you to preview.

Head to the Media Group website and click away. You can be confident that because Media Group is a Top Voice Over Agency you will find a voice artist who will be perfect to project the business image you want for the company.


Find your voice at a price to fit your budget

When you have decided on particular voice talent, or you have managed to reduce the choice to a shortlist, you can have Media Group supply a quote.

On the top right-hand corner of the Media Group home page, you will see a button labelled “free online quote”. Simply click on the button and follow the prompts.

If you are planning to use the voice you have chosen in a campaign you can also request Media Group to provide a “free demo”. The only provision is that you need to be planning to record a script or scripts of at least 60 seconds duration.

To receive your free demonstration recording simply forward a copy of the script. Media Group will have your preferred voice talent record an extract from the script and send you a link to go online to hear the finished demo.


Take the path of least resistance

Don’t be left wondering if you have found the best voice for your requirements. Start now to audition the huge range of voice over talent available from Media Group. It’s as simple as going online to

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