Voice Talents In Over 75 Languages

Voice Talents In Over 75 Languages

Kicking goals

The people of Melbourne will quickly tell you the virtues of their fair city. Perhaps it’s not idle boasting, but just a way to help dispel the negative comments so often made about the Southern capital.

The cynics, usually citizens from further north, are always trying to put the boot into everything Melbourne.

They love to slam the Yarra River as the only river that flows upside down. OK, so it is a little muddy looking, but hey?

My favourite is the one that says if you don’t like Melbourne’s weather, wait 10 minutes and everything will change.

However, it is a fact that when the locals start naming the city’s attributes the list is fairly impressive. Live theatre Melbourne. Restaurants Melbourne. Sporting fixtures Melbourne.

However when some “Mexicans” try to add Voice Talent Melbourne to the list, well that is simply a bridge too far.


Fair go Victoria

Most fair-minded Aussies would probably agree on the claims for live theatre and sports. Even Sydney-siders may cede the award for restaurants. But Voice Talent Melbourne! No way Jose.

Here in Australia, across the ditch in NZ and throughout the Asia Pacific, the voice talent centre of activity is a title that rightfully belongs to Media Group.

Widely acclaimed as the nation’s business audio specialists, Media Group provides advertisers and production companies with an amazing choice of professional voice talent.


Voice choices

Whether you are looking for a male or female voice artist of any age with any accent or background you’ll be up to your neck in great choices.

You be the judge. Don’t let city parochialism destroy your objectivity. Click onto the website and discover the plethora of voice over talent available online at www.mediagroup.com.au

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